Current Focus: Web Utility, Website Maintenance, Wordpress, C# Apps, Android Applications, IoT

Based on Dhaka (Bangladesh), we develop in diverse technologies to meet our diverse client requirement. It maybe a website, maybe an android app or maybe a C# development project, or any business oriented software developed our clients can wish for. Our service don't stop in making apps only, with 10 year experience in software development industry, we can advise startups also. Whether you have a great idea for a website, wheather you're looking for a cool android app or you're looking for someone to take the technical and market research functionality for your site, you're in right place now.

Utility Libs for Web

OAuth Login for Wordpress Allow users to login into Wordpress via Google/Facebook

People hate to memorize username password for yet another site. This wordpress plugin solves this problem by providing OAuth login functionality for Google and Facebook users in Wordpress powered websites.

Rokeya Keyboard Layout A javascript based keyboard layout for writing bangla

This keyboard was inspired by english layout and provide fixed and phonetic typing functionality for Bangla speaking people

BanglaDateJS Convert any English calendar date into corresponding Bengali calendar date

Benali calendar differs from english calendar, through this tiny javascript library you can convert any date into corresponding Bengali year and datetime

Android Applications

Wallpaperify Bring life to your android device

While people love pictures from Flickr, there isn't any easy way to decorate android phone wallpaper with it. This application make it possible to set phone wallpaper from Flickr

IoT: Human Centric Innovation An IoT based notification application

This android application is motivated by the latest innovations brought into IoT area. At present, it's work-in-progress.

YAWP Yet Another Wordpress Project

Harnessing the power of wordpress-api and android deep linking, something amazing will come up in future. Speed as well as UI, none will be sacrificed in this app and the app will be cloud native from day 1

Archive (Discontinued)

API for Sharepoint website University Thesis in Sharepoint

As part of master thesis, an API system was developed for an eLearning portal in Sharepoint. Along with API clients/SDK written in PHP, C# and JavaScript, automatic documentation via C# reflection, and compiler level knowledge of C# language were also provided

Locative Never forget someone's address with this android app

Does it often happens to you that you have forgot some of your relatives location? In this android app (LOCATion+relatIVE) you can store location of your phonebook contacts and navigate via Google maps. Theme A wordpress theme build from scratch using HTML, CSS and custom javascript only

A wordpress theme was developed from scratch for using basic HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery

Website Maintenance Educational website

A website dedicated to the people of Bangladesh, currently studying, living and/or aspiring to be in Germany. Website, Mobile app(With push notifications) were the features developed for the organization Personal website

Everyone needs a place on web to keep his/her journal, separated from all the noises, crowd and responsibility. Such a website was developed and mainted till 2011. Chronicles from alumni as well as present students of BUET

A website dedicated to the people of BUET, both of alumnis and existing students. Not only this website is maintained from 2010 but also official facebook group posts are crawled and published here.